Perry Cree Perry Cree Perry Cree This is one of many theatre publicity shots 30942157 Production photograph A shot taken from the musical 'The Ghost Of Daniel Lambert' which was written by Sue Townsend 30942158 Newspaper publicity article An article published by the Leicester Mercury to promote 'Star of England'. 30942240 Promotional Newspaper Article This was an article reporting on Perry taking on the lead role in a new rock musical 30942241 Promotional Newspaper Article Promotional newspaper article to promote 'Killer On The Dance Floor' 30942242 Charity Fete Opening Charity Fete Opening 61483849 Perry Cree - Let It Be Record sleeve for Perry's 2nd single release which was a cover of the 'Let It Be' 30942243 Sue Townsend Interview with Sue Townsend, author of 'The Ghost of Daniel Lambert' 31000472 Cast List Production credits 31000473 Perry Cree Publicity Headshot 31572267 Killer On The Dance Floor Publicity shot courtesy of the Leicester Mercury 31000733 Record Cover Record cover from 'The Ghost of Daniel Lambert' 31000734 Perry Cree Theatre publicity shot 31002513 Perry Cree One of many shots that was considered for the 'Let It Be' single sleeve 31002514 School play Very early cast shot from the school nativity play. Perry is the one in yellow. 31002516 Front cover Killer On The Dance Floor cover 31005942 Program inner 1 Cast details 31005943 Program inner 2 Cast details 31005946 Program inner 3 Cast details 31005947 Perry Cree Publicity shot for the Eurovision Song Contest. 118695826 Perry Cree An up-to-date shot. 184565407