Perry Cree

Perry Cree


Perry Cree began his professional entertainment career at the tender age of 10 with a weekly slot on Radio Leicester in which he played various characters in a series of broadcasts aimed at children.  

His first professional stage production was 'Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat' at the Haymarket Theatre at the age of 11, a part which he reprised several times over the next three years not only at the Haymarket Theatre but also at other venues including the Arts Theatre in Cambridge.

In between reprised productions of 'Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat', Perry also appeared in 'Babes In The Wood', 'Dick Whittington' and 'Little Lamb'.

'Little Lamb' was written by actress and author Liane Aukin and saw Perry playing alongside Bill Wallis and legendary screen actress Heather Sears.

   Heather Sears


  Heather Sears with Joan Crawford in 'The Story of Esther Costello'.


Directed by Robin Midgeley, it was a dramatic role and further highlighted Perry's talents as not only a musical performer but also a serious actor.

At the age of 17, Perry landed a significant role in Alan Bleasdale's 'No More Sitting On The Old School Bench' at the Phoenix Theatre in Leicester, a performance that was to bring his talents to the attention of director Ian Giles who a year later cast Perry in the leading role of 'Hero' in 'Killer On The Dance Floor'.




'Killer On The Dance Floor' was a new musical production written by the now legendary music producer Trevor Horn and Rod Thompson, both of whom were responsilble for 'Video Killed The Radio Star, a massive No.1 hit for The Buggles in 1979. The play was set in a futuristic city which Hero, as a young innocent youth, was to find both adventurous and daunting. The show featured many original songs performed by Perry including 'Going To The City' and the show-stopping ballad 'Where Do I Go From Here'. The production favoured well with the press as the newspaper clippings above will testify. 

The original draft of the play was re-written for the stage by Sue Townsend who would later go on to create Adrian Mole and with whom Perry would again work with at a later stage in his career.

Production credits for 'Killer On The Dance Floor' (further program images can be found in the Photo Gallery)


Various productions followed on from 'Killer On The Dance Floor' including 'King Lear', Little Brother Little Sister', Henry IV', We Can't Pay We Won't Pay' and 'Jack Shepard' in which Perry played various characters.

He was to work with Sue Townsend again on a new musical production entitled 'The Ghost of Daniel Lambert', which was written by the Adrian Mole author. The musical production for the show was by Rick Lloyd, who later went on to have massive success with the acappella group The Flying Pickets. A single featuring songs from the show was recorded and released. One of Perry's solo numbers from the show entitled 'Wide Boy' (and later released on a single by The Flying Pickets) was the stand-out track on the single and received regular airplay on local radio stations.

Perry has worked with a variety of notable performers such as Alan Rickman, Irene Handl, Bill Maynard, Sue Townsend, Heather Sears, Carol Cleveland, Nigel Bennett, Don Estelle, Windsor Davies and Liane Aukin. He has also had the pleasure over the years of being in the company of famous names such as Vanessa Redgrave, Joely Richardson, Edward Fox, Celia Imrie, Millicent Martin, Nigel Davenport, Corin Redgrave, Frances de la Tour and othes too numerous to mention.


Front cover of the theatre program (further program images can be found in the Photo Gallery)


In the early 80's, Perry was frequently involved in the Eurovision Song Contest and also performed extensively in venues throughtout the country as a vocalist.